June 16 – 20, 2016

The Perfect Dance N Play Combination!

  • FREE New To West Coast Swing Dance Classes Thursday
  • Champion Dance Instructor And Judging Staff…Names & Bios
  • 30  Dance Workshops – Plus Social Dancing in 2-Ballrooms
  • Competitors Advantage Workshops –  No Additional Fee 
  • World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) WCS Point Competitions
  • Pro -Am Strictly Swing Competitions Added This Year
  • FREE Activities, Spa Discounts, Golf, And MORE…
  • Food Trucks Friday And Saturday Late Nights!

Hotel & Condo Options Add To The Fun!

  • Fabulous $119.00 Hotel Rooms with refrigerator microwave, free WiFi
  • Furnished Chalets with Hot Tubs (Limited #  Available RSVP Soon!)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools, Activities AND MORE HERE

 Organized Activities:

White Water Rafting – Golf Scramble Game –  Volleyball  –  Lawn Bowling  –  Lounge By The Pool – Spa Specials – Learn Poi Juggling- Horseback Riding – Group Nature Walk – Group Bike Ride – Human Hungry Hippos Game – Horseshoes – Tumbling Tower Game – Hot Tubs, Swimming  And MORE…. at our Dance N Play location!

Dance Workshops And Social Dancing:

  • WCS Ballroom: Dance  Workshops – WSDC  Competitions –  Fun Dance Competitions – Social Dancing,
  • Competitors Advantage Intensive Workshops TBD Soon!
  • FREE New To WCS Classes: Thursday Night 7:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Variety Dance Ballroom: An additonal social dance ballroom with tunes by our Pro DJ. Staff. West Coast Swing & Variety of Dance Music.


  • Must have an All Inclusive Event Ticket to Register for Competitions
  • WSDC Jack & Jill Competitions: Newcomer – Novice – Intermediate – Advanced – All Star
  • Pro Staff Jack & Jill
  • Open Jack & Jill Competitions: Dance N Play Challenge -
  • High – Low Jack & Jill: High = Advanced, All-Star, Champion – Low = Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate
  • Strictly Swing Competitions: Nov/ Int.  –  Open Strictly
  • Pro – Am Strictly Swing:( Limit 5 Amateurs per Pro per Division) Newcomer, Novice, and  Intermediate Divisions
  • Jack & Jill Competitions:  Males Register as Leads Females as Follows.
  • Strictly Swing Competitions: Partner selection is your gender choice.
  • Strictly Swing Competitions: One Dance N Play Staff member, or WSDC All-Star Pt. level per dance partnership
  • Complete Competitors Rules Available Soon.

Leify Green CD RELEASE Party!

Leify is best known for his involvement in the West Coast Swing dance community. In 2011, his cover of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” became an underground hit on the international Westie circuit. Since then, he has been on a constant tour of North America, performing live at major dance conventions, local dances, and intimate living room gatherings alike. As a result of that relationship, what better way to release his new album “Set Sail” than at this year’s Dance ‘N Play? Click here for more info on the release party!