June 16 – 20, 2016

The Perfect Dance N Play Combination!

  • FREE New To West Coast Swing Dance Classes Thursday
  • Champion Dance Instructor And Judging Staff…Names & Bios
  • 30  Dance Workshops – Plus Social Dancing in 2-Ballrooms
  • Competitors Advantage Workshops –  No Additional Fee 
  • World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) WCS Point Competitions
  • Pro -Am Strictly Swing Competitions Added This Year
  • FREE Activities, Spa Discounts, Golf, And MORE…
  • Food Trucks Friday And Saturday Late Nights!

Hotel & Condo Options Add To The Fun!

  • Fabulous $119.00 Hotel Rooms with refrigerator microwave, free WiFi
  • Furnished Chalets with Hot Tubs (Limited #  Available RSVP Soon!)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools, Activities AND MORE HERE

Organized Activities:

White Water Rafting – Golf Scramble Game –  Volleyball  –  Lawn Bowling  –  Lounge By The Pool – Spa Specials – Learn Poi Juggling- Horseback Riding – Group Nature Walk – Group Bike Ride – Human Hungry Hippos Game – Horseshoes – Tumbling Tower Game – Hot Tubs, Swimming  And MORE…. at our Dance N Play location!

Dance Workshops And Social Dancing:

  • WCS Ballroom: Dance  Workshops – WSDC  Competitions –  Fun Dance Competitions – Social Dancing,
  • Competitors Advantage Intensive Workshops TBD Soon!
  • FREE New To WCS Classes: Thursday Night 7:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Variety Dance Ballroom: An additonal social dance ballroom with tunes by our Pro DJ. Staff. West Coast Swing & Variety of Dance Music.


  • Must have an All Inclusive Event Ticket to Register for Competitions
  • WSDC Jack & Jill Competitions: Newcomer – Novice – Intermediate – Advanced – All Star
  • Pro Staff Jack & Jill
  • Open Jack & Jill Competitions: Dance N Play Challenge -
  • High – Low Jack & Jill: High = Advanced, All-Star, Champion – Low = Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate
  • Strictly Swing Competitions: Nov/ Int.  –  Open Strictly
  • Pro – Am Strictly Swing:( Limit 5 Amateurs per Pro per Division) Newcomer, Novice, and  Intermediate Divisions
  • Jack & Jill Competitions:  Males Register as Leads Females as Follows.
  • Strictly Swing Competitions: Partner selection is your gender choice.
  • Strictly Swing Competitions: One Dance N Play Staff member, or WSDC All-Star Pt. level per dance partnership
  • Complete Competitors Rules Available Soon.