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June 16 – 20, 2016  Professional Instructor – Judges – D.J And Music Team

PJ Turner  began dancing at the age of 10, competing in clogging around  southeastern U.S. Soon after, PJ started line dancing and partner dancing. He and his wife, Lisa, danced on the show “Club Dance” for 3 years. PJ Turner and Tashina Beckman began their WCS dance partnership in May, 2013, and debuted their 1st ever Classic Routine July 2013 at Swingtime in the Rockies. Within their 1st year of partnership PJ & Tashina consistently placed Top 5 at major U.S. NASDE and other WSDC events in Classic Division with their “Feel Again” Routine. They continue to place Top 5 with their Classic Routines. Promoters and students alike worldwide, love PJ’s fun, energetic personality, humor, professionalism, and passion for late night dancing. PJ is valued as a teacher, competitor, performer, and judge at National and International Events.

Michael Kielbasa_New Years 2014#2_100x107Michael Kielbasa has been dancing since he was 5 years old, under the guidance of his mother, Carmen Garcia, and uncle, Michael Kiehm. However, it wasn’t until the age of 17 , Michael began teaching & dancing competitively. Michael teaches all of the American style Ballroom and Latin dances as well as Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Lindy Hop, and other current club dances. Michael has won several 1st place Championship Titles in the Swing venue, and is currently teaching, judging, and competing worldwide almost every weekend. Michael began competing in the WCS circuit and Classic Division in 2003. Since achieving his Business Degree, Michael devotes many hours to private dance lessons and choreography. Michael has many top placements in WCS Jack & Jill, Strictly, and Classic Division Competitions.

Joshua Sturgeon & Hailee Vaughan:  

Hailee is a passionate All Star West Coast Swing dancer, who began dancing as a ballet and modern enthusiast. After being highly involved with a classical company in Kansas City. At the start of 2014 she was introduced to (and fell I love with) West Coast Swing. In addition to being the first Rising Star US Open Opus Division Champion – as well as the runner up for the US Open Cabaret division in 2014 – Hailee has reached a professional WCS level by her 2nd year of competitive dancing. She hopes to use her newfound experience and knowledge to help grow the community, and enjoys searching for progressive ways to encourage people of all life paths to pursue dance and movement.

Nicholas King_100x107

Nicholas King started his love of dance at Chico State University. After being involved in Hip Hop and Steppin, he found himself involved in Ballroom, where he was introduced to West Coast Swing  and other various styles of dance. His 1st competition at Boogie by the Bay in 2003 reaffirmed that his love of dance would soon become his passion. Nicholas quickly rose through the ranks in West Coast Swing  & has also competed in Showcase and Classic. He enjoys teaching and dancing domestically & internationally. Nicholas has a reputation of being one of the most enjoyable people to watch and dance with on a social dance floor. He always seems to make time to dance with everyone, and his love of dance truly shows through his smile and musicality on the floor.

Tara Trafzer & Christopher Dumond: Tara  has been dancing for almost 20 years. She has been trained in classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Latin, Hip Hop, and West Coast Swing with the Schwimmers. Tara is known for  teaching that focuses on swing technique as well as incorporating musicality into the dance for all levels. Her extensive training in a multitude of dances contributes to her ability to reach dancers from all backgrounds. Tara has competed in the young adult divisions since she was 13 and has competed in the Showcase Routine Division since she was 18. Tara teaches  in the states and internationally in places including: France, England, & Russia. ChristopherDumond began West Coast Swing in 2009. He and his partner at the time, Nicole Clonch, were 2012 & 2013 U.S. Open Swing Dance Champions in the Young Adult Division. (age 14-17) Tara & Christopher began their WCS dance partnership Fall of 2015. Christopher Dumond composed the music for his U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships 5th place Classic Routine.

Mike Carringer  started his dance journey in 2011 with country dancing, and after a year switched to West Coast Swing. Mike brings with him a fun and exciting energy on and off the dance floor;with a teaching style that focused on proper body mechanics and natural motion within the body. Mike is an accomplished West Coast Swing dancer; winning Rising Star and NASDE Tour for Jack & Jill’s 2015. He has competed well and placed in both Classic and Showcase Divisions. Mike is currently competing at the WSDC All-Star / Champion level, with a recent 2nd place at Seattle Easter Swing 2017.

Jim Minty #5 100x106Chief Judge – Jim Minty  has background in American Ballroom, Country, and for the last 20 years, Swing Dance. Jim competed in his first NASDE Convention Champions Jack & Jill Competition in 1998. He’s competed with one Classic Routine partner and two Showcase Routine partners; placing 6th place at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships with one of his Showcase partners. Jim has been a very active Judge and Chief Judge at WSDC and NASDE Conventions Nationwide for over 15 years; as well as a  Trainer of Judges. Jim is a regular judge at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships when he’s not competing in the Showcase Division. Jim brings a wealth of experience with a heavy dose of practicality about competitions; making you think about “what” and “how” to approach routine, as well as all other competitions  – Won many WCS Swing Dance Championship Awards – Certified G.S.D.T.A. Instructor, Judge, National Competitor –  Director of NASDE Event Seattle Easter Swing for 10 years. Jim Minty also has a Masters Degree in Project Management.

Chris Jones #100x106Chris Jones  began dancing over 20 years ago where he earned many Country Dance Championship Titles prior to experiencing West Coast Swing Dance, which  quickly became his passion. Chris has won many 1st place WCS competition placements throughout the years, inspiring his nickname “No Bones Jones” throughout the WCS competition circuit. Chris has proven to be very diverse and highly skilled as a WCS dance Instructor, D.J., Certified Judge, and Chief Judge throughout the years. Chris is passionate about D.J’ing, especially till late night, or shall I say, “till the sun comes up” social dancing!


Joe Broderick & Leilani Nakagawa   Leilanie’s dance journey spans 19 years . She is the owner of Uptown Ballroom in Tigard, OR. Leilani  has been teaching & training for  7 years. Her exploration of West Coast Swing began in 2009. Her love for the freedom and expressivity of WCS inspired her to receive training from many top WCS dance professionals; therefore entering competitions and achieving All-Star level WCS dancer.  Joe Broderick began on the UCWDC dance circuit dancing to country music. One WCS dance hooked Joe. He’s been dancing, competing, and Dj’ing WCS for the past 12 years ; primarily because Joe has a passion for DJ’ing a variety of music genres, especially WCS because he enjoys discovering new and unique music that gets people up dancing with no thought to sitting down.

Emcee – Forrest Hanson  is very diverse with his many West Coast Swing skills. Forrest has been competing in the national WCS circuit for many years, earning Forrest the WCS dance and competition level of All-Star. He is also very passionate about WCS as a dance instructor and D.J. Yet, the past year, Forrest has also addd to his many diverse skills as an Emcee, his  primary role and duties for us at Dance N Play 2016.  Forrest is an enthusiastic team player, who enjoys making sure attendees have a great time!

David Hemmerich & Danielle Bolkan ,  David is a WSDC  All-Star division competitor, and  an instructor from Eugene, Oregon. He has been teaching west coast swing for seven years at his local club, helping his community and other communities grow through his enthusiastic teaching. In 1998 at the age of eight, he grew up watching his family dance in a local ballroom club and joined in on the fun, taking lessons and learning The Waltz, Rumba, and Salsa. He was introduced to West coast swing first but didn’t like it very much, as eight years David thought it too “weird”. At the age of seventeen, year 2007, he picked up the “weird” dance called west coast swing and began his long adventure, unknown to him how this dance would change his life for the better. Since that time he has won many awards in Jack n Jill’s, strictly competitions, and The Silton foundation award. David also has a musical background in guitar and drums and was a prominent musician at school. David enjoys teaching others to see the fun in the “weird” dance called West coast swing and is excited to be on staff for Dance n Play.


Paul & Melinda Booth_100x106

Paul and Melinda Booth are certified PDIA teachers, certified GSDTA teaches, and certified NDDCB judges. They started dancing in 1995, and have worked their way to the advanced level of WSDC competition. Paul and Melinda love social dancing first: and have traveled extensively around the country to over 100 WSDC conventions. In 1995, they performed a routine at

the U.S. Open Masters Classic division. Teaching is now the source of the biggest rewards for the Booths.  They teach regular group lessons on Saturdays in Kirkland, and teach private lessons by appointment. Paul D.J’s  at conventions coast to coast and in Canada, and has been drawing local dancers every Saturday night at Kirkland Dance Center since April 2002.

Koichi #1_100x105

Koichi Tsunoda started DJing locally in Seattle in 2012 and has been growing momentum ever since. In 2013 he was D.J. at larger events in Washington, Oregon, Vancouver BC, California, & Korea. He is recognized by many as being incredibly friendly, having a “weird” sense of humor and being well traveled. Koichi enjoys Djing because it is a way to bring joy to people & introduce something new to the local dance scene. Often times he can be found playing for the late night crowd at dance conventions & after every event, shares his songs with the public. He never expected the long-running tradition of requesting a “Koichi’s last song” to take him down the path of becoming a West Coast Swing D.J. He’s super excited to return officially as a member of the Dance N Play staff this year.

Nickolas De Vore & Brittany De Vore  Bio to follow…

D.J. And Music Staff:

Joe Broderick – Koichi Tsunoda  – Paul Booth