What Our Attendees Are Saying About Dance N Play 

Join Us For Dance N Play  June 12 – 15



DanceNPlay2013_awards_150x100Cheryl, thank you. Dance N Play by far is the most talked about event before, during, “and” after. It’s magical, considering that this in only year 2 of the event. I knew that when I stepped into the condo that I’d come back next year. Everything that I did thereafter only hardened my commitment to helping make next year even better for everyone. Thank you so much for the opportunity to DJ too! My event DJ debut is forever Dance n Play:) I’m going to Dance N Play next year. Who’s in? ~ Koichi Tsunoda~

DanceNPlay2013_MessyTwister_150x100 I just want to say thanks for the relaxing weekend. Cheryl. great job on another year of fun and dance. Tabitha and I made it a retreat and did some traveling and sight seeing, It was strange being outdoors and then the next minute being in competition mode. But it was all so worth it. Some highlights for me that were not competition related were seeng Andrew Slac’s Messy Twister (just watching), special appreciation award for David Knight, Leify jamming with Hareesh Kapoor during late night dancing Saturday night, Sunday morning. Oh, and I have to mention Gabe’s cool video camera, not really a highlight, just cool. The late night dancing was super fun/ All-in-all a great fun event that I’m planning on attending next year. ~Steve Klein~

DanceNPlay2013_Mare&Kevin_150x100Cannot express how happy spending time this weekend with all of you has made me,  how refreshing and fun Dance N Play has been! Not to mention how beautiful the region is. THANK YOU, can’t wait to do it all over again next year. I’m flying in early for  amazing outdoor  activities! ~Marie-Stan Remigereau~

DanceNPlay2013_C.Jones_150x100Wow, what a weekend. Dance N Play exceeded my expectations. Thank you to everyone for sharing a weekend of food, friendship, relaxation, music, and many awesome dances–and for those who organized it. Definitely going back next year! ~ Meredeth Milton~



DanceNPlay2013_Kielbasa_golf_136x100Dance N Play in Bend, Oregon was an amazing weekend! Thank you Cheryl Lyons for sharing your vision of community and love for dance. The weather was perfect for outdoor activities…Awesome time golfing with Chuck Coy, Tom Hickey, and Terry Sanders…Thanks guys! Comps were entertaining and late night dancing was of the hook with guitarist Leify Green…Thank you all for making it an unforgettable weekend! ~Michael Kielbasa~


Dance N Play 2012,150x100Dance N Play was truly a unique dance experience. Being able to say that after being a Dance Instructor &  Chief Judge for over 20 years is very refreshing. Cheryl has a lot of great ideas and this event is only going to get better as the years go by. What an amazing resort with a friendly staff and atmosphere. The event staff was truly amazing and were such great contributors to the incredible energy. From the Pro Westie Mob of the ballroom on Thursday, where all the Pros just hung out and danced with everyone. To the Pro Intro (and birthday gang dance) on Friday, where Doug Silton actually thought he could dip me. To the spontaneous Pro-Am contest on Saturday night and the amazing support from the competitors and social dancers in making the contest run with plenty of contestants. To the Open Forum on Sunday that rocked. I would like to thank the Competitors Advantage staff; Michael Kiehm, Mary Ann Nunez, Barry Jones, Jim MInty, Patty Vo, Michael Kielbasa,  and Katie Schneider who were out dancing every night and so approachable all weekend. I would also like to thank the rest of the pros who were so much fun all weekend; Doug Silton, Trina Siebert, Sean Meehanm, Joshua Sturgeon, Chris Jones, Will Shaver, Kara McKay, and Andrew Slac, This is truly an amazing event in a fabulous location. If you missed it this year, you don’t want to next year! It will be even bigger and better!  ~Gary Jobst,  Chief Judge~


Dance N Play Joshua, Penni, Patty150x100This was a really fun event. Seeing the transition form beginner/novice to by the end of the session, a transformation of what was being taught to actually seeing the body movement transformation was incredible. The place was so peaceful but full of things to do. Beautiful scenery. The people were great!  ~Susan Fries~


Dance N Play 2012 Doug & Katie_150x100Dance N Play was so much fun!! This venue is so cool, can’t wait for next year. It’s going to be amazing~ Thank you Cheryl for having me on staff! ~Katie Schneider~


Dance N  Play Boise group_150x94Got back from Redmond, Oregon yesterday…attended DanceNPlay, WONDERFUL event… had a fabulous time…so glad I found this event and asked people to go…it was amazing. Our Boise dancers did well and we all had a good time…next year…we will have more going I hope… Thank you Cheryl you are a dear and wonderful to work with…DanceNPlay = FUN ~Penni Hale Grist~


Dance N Play 220x133If you didn’t make it to Dance N Play this year Next year you have to show up!!! Great Staff, Dedicated to helping you learn and get better! Great Activities, White Water Rafting, Canoe Trips, Etc…. Amazing hotel and hotel staff: they were so helpful, and the rooms were amazing with great views!!! Regular workshops and leveled workshops for all kinds of dancers! Everyone wants to learn there, even the instructors! The instructors LOVE to teach and are there to help you as a dancer! Multiple workshop rooms and a big dance floor! And my favorite thing even though it’s an event with dancers from all over,  the event felt personal and open to everyone! I can’t wait for next year! !!!!  ~Quin Klopenburg~


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